Who We Are And What We Do?


We are a group of experienced professionals from different backgrounds, working together as a team and offering language services.

Team members:

  • Borbála Forró is a graduate from Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Geography and Foreign Languages. She is a sworn translator licensed by the Ministry of Justice Bucharest, Romania.
  • Klára Kalamár is a civil engineer and holds a master’s degree in European public administration (MPA).
  • Dénes Székely is an IT consultant and web developer, senior programmer, specialized in multi-language computer applications and websites.


We offer the following services: translation & localisation, proofreading & editing, technical writing & copywriting.

Hungarian is our mother tongue, and we speak Romanian on mother tongue level since we use it on a daily basis, that’s why we translate into these two languages. Our studies allow us to use both English and French easily in various domains – these are our main source languages.

Living in a multilingual environment (native Hungarians, Romanian citizens) we have developed a good language sense. We offer not only extensive experience in our fields of expertise but also first-hand knowledge of cross-cultural issues that will make your translation fluent, easy-to-read and geared towards your target audience.

Working as a team enables us to offer quick and reliable services:

  • Borbála contributes her sophisticated linguistic skills and professional experience including more than 5 years as a full time translator.
  • Klára contributes her ten year long technical practice as a civil engineer and the experience of fifteen years worked in the local government, which mean that she brings genuine experience of construction, real estate and project management, as well as of relevant aspects of law, government and policy to her translation work. She has over 13 years of experience in the translation/localization industry.
  • Dénes contributes his multi-decade experience in the computing, IT systems planning, deploying, management, software and hardware consulting and maintenance, teaching and counselling, desktop publishing, webpage authoring and development. He established and has been managing our office, and has overseen hundreds of successful projects each year since 1997, ranging from large volume, thousands of words translation projects to high-profile multilingual websites.

Our objective is to grant a quality service, transmitting by means of the target language all the information held by the source document with highest precision and achieving faultless translations from the perspective of spelling, grammar and style, whilst preserving the format of the original text or formatting it according to the clients’ demands. The consistency of the translations is ensured by using CAT tools, permitting to offer our regular clients translations with consistent style and terminology during the whole time of our cooperation.

We constantly strive to achieve translation excellence, reviewing each other’s work before release, thereby providing a quality-controlled, easy-to-read translation geared towards the target audience.

We have a preference for those clients who respect our rates and payment terms, who give support where needed, and appreciate our hard work in providing a quality translation.

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