We aim to offer a service that is as flexible as possible and will do whatever we can to meet your deadline whilst maintaining high quality standards. Together we can usually find a solution: perhaps an abstract, which I can

We want to do the best possible job we can. It’s helpful to be able to read some background information, especially if your document is part of a larger set of material. That way we can make sure we follow

We would normally return your document to you by e-mail or as a hard (paper) copy. Very large documents can be returned by file transfer.

We can accept your document by email, on a CD or as a hard (paper) copy. Very large documents can be sent by file transfer: please contact us for details.

If your document is in Microsoft Word you can count the number of words using the Word Count facility under Tools. If your document is in either Excel or PowerPoint please send it to us and we will count the

We offer competitive pricing based on the size, complexity and urgency of your document. Our price for translation is usually based on EUR per words of source text, or the number of pages (in case of certified translations).  If you

On average we translate 4,500 to 6,000 words per day. Very specialised texts requiring a great deal of background research or documents with very complex formatting may take a little longer. We will always confirm a delivery date and time