Translation Services by webGóbé

Specialist Areas


We offer language services most often but not exclusively in the following fields:


IT & Computers – software (software help text and UI, mobile app localization, manuals), hardware (users’ handbooks, technical descriptions, components brochures, etc.), internet, networks, systems, wireless, e-commerce, websites.

Technical & Engineering (Construction, Mechanics, Automotive, Transport) – civil engineering and construction-related documents (insulation works, building energetics, building water treatment stations, road improvement projects, tender books, etc.), technical descriptions, instructions for use, installation and maintenance, operator’s manuals, manufacturing processes, quality system descriptions, safety provisions, quality certificates, statements of compliance, etc.

PR, Media & Marketing – conversations, letters, CV-s, job descriptions, labour agreements, presentations, press releases, magazine articles, reports, newsletters, marketing and sales brochures, market research questionnaires, company brochures, corporate advertising, etc.

Software & Website Localisation is a multi-layered process requiring, programming expertise as well as linguistic and cultural knowledge. We will fully translate and localize your software UI or website into Hungarian and/or Romanian, optimizing it and offering best solutions possible. We are also experts in mobile apps localization (including iPhone and Android localization).


Personal documents, diplomas, certificates, documents issued by the police, judicial documents, other documents issued by authorities, various contracts and agreements, etc.



Technical writing is a form of technical communication used in a variety of technical and occupational fields, such as computer hardware and software, engineering, consumer electronics etc. It involves the creation of useful documents that can be clearly understood by readers.

Possessing multifarious technical and writing abilities, we assimilate and convey technical material in a concise and effective manner, creating online help texts, user manuals, product release notes, product troubleshooting guides, tutorials, installation guides, marketing documentation, e-learning modules, web content etc.

Copywriters usually create promotional texts like online ads, email and Internet content, TV and media scripts, press releases, billboards, sale letters, lyrics etc. We work as a creative copywriter team, being frequently hired by those interested to advertise themselves in the market. Thus we have a huge responsibility in projecting the image of a company amongst people and we meet this challenge successfully.

We specialise in the following language combinations:

Among our clients we can enumerate authorities & governments, software developers & publishers, localisation companies & other companies from different sectors, NGOs and numerous translation agencies.

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